Tailored Diagnostics

Here at Performance Sleep we gather data through a personalised and comprehensive strategy. Our aim is to produce thorough analytics that will help to really focus on the athlete's health and well being and assess areas that we can target to improve sleep/recovery thereby maximising performance.


Whether this is a one-off assessment prior to an event, or if you sign up to our annual or bi-annual assessment plans, we believe our input will help maximise sleep efficiency to help achieve the desired goals.

Our Story

The origins of Performance sleep were born out of the desire of a handful of doctors and physiologists to enter the sporting world with an under utilised area of medicine. Being passionate sports fans in many disciplines, and enthusiastic in health promotion and performance optimisation, it was a natural progression to set up Performance Sleep with a view to helping teams and individual athletes meet their goals. It has not disappointed either. So far we have had overwhelmingly positive feedback and can see how our input has challenged core beliefs in a positive way with clear improvements in performance since our intervention. We look forward to getting involved with your team or athlete and assisting you with your sleep goals.

Meet the Team

Our team are passionate in assisting you. We have an array of talent leading this pioneering sleep performance business.

Dr Saagar Patel


Managing Director

Dr Patel is the founder of Performance Sleep. Currently working within Respiratory medicine, he has taken his love of sport and combined it with his knowledge of respiratory and sleep medicine. He has developed the model and the Performance Sleep approach with a clear vision to help clubs and athletes realise the importance of sleep efficiency in sports rehabilitation and performance.

Dr Ben Stride

Performance Sleep Doctor

Director of Operations

Trained as both a Doctor and Physiotherapist, Ben has worked in sports medicine in several high-level disciplines. He is now director of operations here at Performance Sleep, involved within the business and IT arms as well as offering his knowledge of sports medicine, respiratory physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Dr Stephen Emegbo

Lead Sleep Physiologist, PhD

Director of Research and Development

Dr Emegbo works as a Sleep Physiologist in one of the most distinguished NHS sleep units in the country. He completed his PhD in sleep physiology and has been instrumental in the development of the Performance Sleep ethos. Again, a keen sportsman himself, his love of sport and expertise in sleep physiology makes him an invaluable part of the Performance Sleep team.

Dr Ari Manuel

Respiratory consultant

Clinical Director

Dr Manuel works as a Consultant in sleep and ventilation within a complex home ventilation centre at University Hospital Aintree. He has collaborated with groups across Europe and the USA and has undertaken a PhD in Sleep and breathing disorders at Oxford University's centre for Respiratory research.

He is nationally recognised as a developing expert in the area of sleep and ventilation and has a position on the British Thoracic Societ's advisory group and Royal Society of Medicine sleep council.

A clear expert in his field with 15 peer-reviewed papers, 2 book chapters and 30 posters accepted at international conferences as well as 8 oral presentations. His experience alongside his keen interest in sporting performance is invaluable in his role as Clinical director here at Performance Sleep.

Next Steps...

Contact us for more information. Our personable approach will guide you through our products and services, and give you all the information about how we may be able to help you.